Planet Word

Long Story [Short]…

A grand opening in a global pandemic? Yeah, we can do that.

For the launch of the new Planet Word museum in Washington, DC, LSS produced a virtual grand opening ceremony that captured the excitement and personality of the world’s first voice activated museum.

  • Speakers included Barack Obama, Anna Deavere Smith, and Tom Friedman
  • Performances by Renée Fleming, Charity Blackwell, and Christylez Bacon
  • A live ribbon-cutting to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment

And, LSS took virtual tours to a new level, creating a cinematic tour of the museum that captured not just exhibits, but the experience and emotion that the museum invokes.

The content created during this project became a suite of high-quality, reusable media that has lived on in print, social media, and press kits.


Footage from the event went far and wide, to places like Forbes, Fast Company, and others, bringing print media stories to life.

Watch the Cinematic Tour

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