Bind Client Testimonials

Long Story [Short]…

Jaded healthcare consumers meet Bind, healthcare startup and industry disrupter.

When Bind needed to quickly share how they were different from traditional insurance choices, they turned to LSS.

LSS captured stories featuring actual members about using Bind’s health plans, and their experiences of how Bind made health insurance simple and consumer friendly, and created a series of videos to educate and create brand awareness for Fortune 500 customers such as Medtronic, Target, and UnitedHealth Group.

These videos were so effective, Bind asked LSS to use the existing footage to create an additional series of educational videos for use by customer’s Human Resources teams to share with employees during their open enrollment period.

[Our Strategy]…

LSS is committed to capturing content that keeps giving, so you get the most out of your investment. For Bind, three highly-targeted days of production created multiple deliverables, including a suite of video and still image content that Bind can return to again, and again.