Long Story [Short]…

We were tasked with creating one-off profile pieces for a major CIS event, but turned our filming in schools across the country into a larger content opportunity. By taking an intimate, short-doc style approach, we were able to repurpose the rich content we captured to create a cornerstone identity piece for the organization that paid dividends far beyond the original deliverables.

  • “Making a Difference” currently serves as one of CIS’s key pieces for marketing, fundraising, and advocacy.
  • Content was recut and aired as broadcast PSAs for regional affiliates.
  • AT&T used the “Making a Difference” identity piece on its website to announce a major philanthropic gift.
  • The Gap – CIS’s corporate partner – used LSS content for its holiday fundraising promotion.
  • All content has been used as valuable media b-roll for various PR initiatives.
  • 2013 Bronze Telly Award – “Making a Difference”


Identity Pieces

All In
Award Series 2017

Unsung Heroes
Award Series 2016