Last week we spent our time with heroes – Unsung Heroes. These are the women, men, schools, and cities that Communities In Schools honors each year for working tirelessly to help kids stay in school and reach their full potential.

Throughout the fall, we filmed in four communities in Texas, Georgia, and Florida, documenting the challenges kids face that have the potential to take them off track and never graduate.

In Fort Hood, Texas, we followed CIS site coordinator Deborah McKelvy as she helps her students deal with the stress and anxiety that comes when parents deploy.

In Jacksonville, Florida, we saw how CIS site coordinator Brian Tate uses persistence, trust, and reading to reach kids in need.

In Marietta, Georgia, we discovered how CIS helped Osborne High School – a school that had been labeled as trouble -regain its confidence and pride.

And back in Texas, we saw how CIS rallied the entire community of San Antonio to ensure that every kid had a chance to graduate and succeed – with one even coming back to become a City Council Member.

Watch these pieces and you’ll see how Communities In Schools does whatever it takes to make a difference in kids’ lives – and creates heroes in the process.