LSS has worked on LGBT issues for many years, and after the events in Orlando, we’re reminded that progress and tragedies often come at the same time.

We were proud to work recently on this important piece for UNESCO focused on ending homophobic and transphobic violence in our schools.

We produced a video and series of infographics for UNESCO’s groundbreaking “Out In The Open” report, both of which premiered at an International Ministerial Meeting in Paris. The focus of the meeting was to make educational settings around the world safe and inclusive for all students – regardless of how they identify their gender and sexual orientation.

The stakes were high to communicate this message across all cultural contexts – it was the first time that education ministers had gathered from around the world to address this issue and deliver a Call for Action. And at the same time, the U.S. was having its own policy debate about addressing the needs of transgender students in our schools.

Working on this project certainly gave us hope that change in attitudes and policy is possible, and that we can help make our schools a safe and welcoming place for all – no matter where you live.