Episode 2 of The 1600 Sessions, the monthly podcast we produce with the White House Historical Association, is out now on iTunes, Google Play, and SoundCloud.

In a nod to Presidents’ Day this month, we explored the subject of Presidential Portraits. From the iconic portrait of George Washington that survived the British burning of the White House to John Tyler’s subtle war with the media, each portrait comes with a unique history and story.

Our podcast host and White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin talked to former White House Curator Betty Monkman and art historian Bill Kloss to bring to life the portraits and personalities of our former presidents and first ladies.

If you’re interested in hearing how William Howard Taft responded to being called pudgy, Teddy Roosevelt sparred with the famous artist John Singer Sargent, and Eleanor Roosevelt refused to pay the bill for her portrait, then check out the episode in the embedded player above!

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