What food has…

  • More protein, calcium and iron than kale?
  • Grows in the harshest of environments where malnutrition runs high?
  • And happens to be the focus of our latest video?

The mighty little moringa tree.

LSS recently traveled to Ghana in West Africa for Upworthy and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their series, The Story of Food. We investigated this tree the locals refer to as the “Miracle Tree,” the “Never-Die Tree” and “Mother’s Best Friend.”

Our moringa journey took us all over Ghana—from farms and fields to family homes and processing plants – and even to upscale cafes and restaurants in the capital.

We visited with Moringa Connect, a social entrepreneurship which trains smallholder farmers to grow and sell moringa leaves and seeds – which they then incorporate into organic beauty products and healthy teas.

We met with Aja Organics, which is organizing women farmers and making moringa available in the U.S. in foods like energy bars, drinks and powders through companies like Kuli Kuli Foods.

And we spent time with the farmers themselves, who are boosting their income and their families’ own nutrition by growing this hardy tree.

Luckily we got to test just how delicious the moringa leaf really is—seeing it prepared first hand in traditional stews, marinades, salads, smoothies and yes—even cocktails.

To see how the moringa tree is changing lives, check out this post on Upworthy’s Facebook page. It may just be the next “superfood” on your plate, too.

As a bonus: here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of our crew on location in Ghana!