Around the world, oyster farms are cleaning the water, reviving native aquatic species, and delivering protein-packed food to communities. As part of the Story of Food project presented by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and in collaboration with Upworthy, we produced a video about oyster aquaculture in the nearby Chesapeake Bay, and highlighted some of the great work that oyster farmers are doing for our watershed and community. 

Within two weeks, our video reached 3 million views on the Upworthy Facebook page! You can see the original post here.

We produced another video in January for the Story of Food about moringa, a superfood found in tree leaves that is feeding malnourished communities and boosting the agricultural economy in countries like Ghana. That video also reached 3 million views within its first two weeks online. Check out the moringa video here

As always, we’re excited to work with groups that are changing the world for the better, whether they’re fighting world hunger or saving our aquatic ecosystems. And, we didn’t mind trying a few oysters ourselves. For the story, of course… It was very important research.